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INVEST number plates

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INVEST Investing in Plates is all about Buying a Plate & Hoping its Meaning " has the POWER to increase in VALUE over time & DRIVE You to Success
From Holding onto it as investment so therefore the plate INVEST
Must be the NO1 investment Plate to BUY & HOLD .
Investment numberplate ,suited to investers
Angel Invester Royalties comes with this Purchase of this Invester Plate .
The money will all Go towards My Steel Art mass produced in China .
Buyer will Receive Royalties from all art made in China .
My Goal is to make 1 million Striped Marlins at around$10 Profit per piece so that's $10 Million .
Also 1 million Snappers & there's heaps of other Designs too
So if all eventuates it'll be Great number Plate that will Return the Purchaser massive Dividends for there Purchase & I would say one of the Most Powerful number Plates in all of New Zealand . Because of Royalties that will come from it's purchase .
Kind Regards Aaron Tait


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